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12 days in detention

From 25th December until 5th January, let’s share the power of music to bring people together. #12DaysInDetention

KB’s story

KB was held in immigration detention for 21 months. Not knowing when he would get out came close to breaking him. Creating music brought escape, joy and connection to KB. Connection with other people in detention, and connection with the outside world. It transported him to a different place in his mind. He was able to forget where he was.

Whilst KB was held in the detention centre in Dover, he took part in a community project run by Hear Me Out which connected people in detention with year six pupils at a local primary school. Unable to meet in person, the two groups communicated and got to know each other by making music and sharing it with one and other.

Once the children taking part realised that their new friends in detention would be away from their families over the upcoming festive period, they expressed their sympathy by sending Christmas gifts, drawings, songs, messages and poems. Their gifts were gratefully received by KB and the other people in detention. They decided to write and record a version of ‘We Wish You A Merry Christmas’.

Be a part of 12 days in detention

This holiday season we’re asking 12 of our Hear Me Out family - including musicians we met in detention, artists, and supporters - to choose their favourite songs that have been written and performed in detention centres around the UK.

Each day from 25th December until 5th January, we will be sharing these tracks and we would love for you to get involved. Please listen, share and donate. Let’s demonstrate the power of music in bringing us together.

We want to hear from you too. Please share your own favourite track from our music player and tag us on Instagram (@HearMeOutMusic), Twitter (@HearMeOutUK) and Facebook (@HearMeOutMusic), and please donate if you can.

12 Days In Detention playlist

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