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Help me find refuge in music

Every donation you make can help bring the power of music to people held in UK immigration detention centres – and bring their music to the world outside.

Give the power of music to people held in UK immigration detention centres

Locked in an immigration detention centre, never knowing when you’ll be removed – or where to – is mental torture. But you can give release through music. Because music is universally loved and has the power to comfort people in the most desperate situations. And we have the expertise to go into UK immigration detention centres and help them make the music.

Will you be part of the 100 Club?

Making and seeing the real change you can make to people’s lives. It’s what we all want from a charity, isn’t it? That’s why we’d like you to join our 100 Club – 100 people supporting the music of 1,000s of people held behind the walls of UK immigration detention centres each month.




Places left

How we spend your money

When you give to Hear Me Out, we promise you that we will use every penny to help make a real difference to the lives of people held in immigration detention centres.

Your money will sing

From professional musicians to run the music sessions, to producing and recording new albums, your money funds everything we need to help people held in immigration detention centres to make music.

Your money will connect

We have a small staff team who work tirelessly to make our mission a reality. Your money will help to pay for them and our lead artists, connecting us with those held in immigration detention. We don’t believe our staff are overheads. No one is an overhead at Hear Me Out.

Your money will amplify

We invest part of your donation into our fundraising and marketing. Last year, we invested £7,000 to raise funds and reach more people like you. People who believed in our work and decided to help. The more support we have, the louder our voice becomes and we can raise more funds to help those trapped inside UK immigration detention.

Our word to you

The system calls people living in detention “detainees”. We don’t. We call them people. And we treat you, our supporters, as individual people too. We will give you:


The truth. You will always hear directly from people you’re helping and we will be honest about the highs and lows of our work.


Our respect. When you make a gift, you place your trust in us, so it’s always your choice if, when and how you give to Hear Me Out, now and in the future.


A community. With your consent, you will always be the first to hear of new album releases and the stories of the people behind the music.


An open mind. We’re interested in your thoughts about your experience of supporting us. So feel free to ping John an email and he will get back to you

Other ways to give

Make a donation, share your skills, or simply spread the word; however you choose to join us, together we can bring release to people held in immigration detention.


Make a donation to Hear Me Out and help us bring strength through music to the people currently held in UK immigration detention.


Share the music made in our workshops and reveal the stories of love, hope and fear from inside immigration detention centres.


Tune into the moving songs and stories from the inspiring people we work with, delivered to your inbox every month.


Support Hear Me Out by volunteering your valuable skills. We are particularly looking for expertise in comms, evaluation and admin.


Whether it's a virtual jam, a choir event or a music pub quiz, however you want to fundraise, get creative and help us make a difference.


Leave a donation in your will and share your love of music with people in detention centres for years after you are gone.

Join a chorus of music-lovers bringing refuge and release to immigration detainees

If you love music, you know the power it has. When you’re held in UK immigration detention with no end in sight, music can be the difference between keeping or losing your sanity. By giving the joy of playing and writing music, you help those taken away find refuge, strength and release. An escape from the daily mental torture of being locked up inside. That’s the power of music.

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