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Be a part of our mission and share the voices and stories of people who have spent time in immigration detention

3 August 2022

By Emma

Be a part of our mission and share the voices and stories of people who have spent time in immigration detention. We are inviting choirs, music groups and schools to learn and perform the track 'So Much More'. Choose your level of involvement; from simply learning the track to performing and recording it.

In the information pack you will find everything you need to learn the song, including sheet music and a downloadable backing track. There is also more information about fundraising, performing and recording your track.

'So Much More' was recorded during a three-day song writing project at Morton Hall Immigration Removal Centre. The participants worked with our artists Simon and Carol over the three days to record a number of tracks. 'This song was written by a French speaking participant. Carol worked with him to write the lyrics and record the vocals. Simon remembers the participant as being very enthusiastic and keen to record the track.

How to take part

Perform it

Here are a few things to consider when arranging, rehearsing and performing the song.

1. We have recorded a backing track, please use this to stay in time and in the right key. If you are singing acapella, this needs to be
in the same key and tempo as the original track.

2. There are a variety of harmony and arrangements provided in the information pack.

3. If you are performing your track as part of a concert, we would love to know when and where it is.

Record it

This is not compulsory but we would really like it if you could record your choir performing 'So Much More' so that it can be included as part of our film. Please only do this if you can film it in a high quality using the guide below. We also recommend doing the recording after you have performed it.

1. Make sure that your phone or camera is set to record in the highest quality possible. Let us know if you need help with this.

2. If you are filming on your phone, have it in landscape and not portrait. Film using the camera on the back, not the selfie camera.

3. Keep it steady. Put your camera or phone on a tripod, making sure that no one is cut out of the frame. If you don't have a tripod, use a pile of books to lean it against.

4. The brighter the better! Film outdoors if possible or near a natural source of light.

5. If you can have more than one camera, set it up to film from a different angle.

6. If possible, record your audio separately. This could be on a zoom recorder or on a separate phone. Set it up raised up and at a decent distance from the choir so that you can capture the whole sound and not just the individual nearest to the microphone.

7. When performing, sing along to the backing track to stay in time and in the right key. Place the backing track speaker as far away from your audio recorder as possible.

8. Once you have recorded your performance, send it via Dropbox or WeTransfer to emma@hearmeoutmusic.org.uk


We are so grateful that you have decided to take part in 'Freedom To Sing.' Every penny you raise will help us to continue our work with displaced people in various settings.

Fundraise in person

If you are planning to perform 'So Much More' at a concert, why not ask the audience to make a donation? This could be as part of the ticket sale, a collection or a raffle with donated prizes. Please email emma@hearmeoutmusic.org.uk for more information on how best to do this.

Fundraise online

- To set up your choir's fundraising page, visit: www.justgiving.com/campaign/freedomtosing2022

- Click on the orange 'Start Fundraising' button on the right of the page

- If you haven't already, set up a JustGiving account

- Click on 'Doing your own thing' and fill in the details. Try and make it as personal as possible and don't forget to include your choir's name.

- Your page will now be linked to the 'Freedom To Sing' campaign and all money raised will come straight to Hear Me Out. Don't forget to share it with the choir and encourage them to share it with their friends and family.

Download the information pack, and for more information, please get in touch with Emma at emma@hearmeoutmusic.org.uk


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